Monday, 17 June 2013

Tales of an intern

Jessie Doppler
by Jessie Doppler (@JessieDoppler) 

It’s been no less than two and a half months since I started my Social Media internship with eCPDWebinars – and it has indeed been quite the ride.
As many of you may know from your own experience, internships can often feel like taking a bet; it could turn out to be a total dream or an utter disaster where the only experience gained is on brewing tea and filing empty folders...
In my case, it felt even more like a bet.
Having obtained my MA in translating and interpreting a few years ago and currently working as a freelance translator heading up my own business, the idea of taking on an internship at this point in my career did, at first, not seem any more appealing than downing a glass of fresh kale juice (which, by the way, is allegedly a great way to start the day). Would I even find the time for an internship?
After some thought, I felt what eCPDWebinars had to offer me would add a whole new dimension to my professional experience and, since I had never really worked with social media on a professional level, what a great opportunity this could be for me to learn something new.

As it turns out, this one bet really paid off. So, to make up for at least some of the terrible internships you may have read about in the past, I have decided to highlight the best aspects of my internship experience and with this I hope to encourage others to bite the bullet.

Learning, learning, learning and more learning
Social Media
The past two months have been a steep learning curve. I’ve gone from barely understanding the basics of using social media on a professional level to creating a social media strategy. Who knew there was so much to learn and understand?
The CPD business
I have been given an insight into the online CPD business, from what it takes to organise a webinar and events, finding presenters, rehearsals, the marketing approach, what goes on behind the scenes during a live webinar to actual business-related aspects of running such a business.
Access to eCPDWebinars
As part of my internship I have benefitted from attending training sessions to boost my own freelance career.

Networking and being part of something
The internship has not only allowed me to expand my professional network but it has also given me the opportunity to be part of something. Maybe some freelancers can’t relate to this, but despite my undying love for translating and my professional independence, I for one have found freelancing to be quite a lonely profession at times. Yes, you can rent an office, join networks and associations, and sure, there are numerous other advantages to freelancing, but at the end of the day, 95% of the time it is just you vs. your source text. So, my social media work for eCPDWebinars and having regular meetings with Lucy and Maia, who have really integrated me into various processes, has really brought back a much needed balance (and sanity) into my working life, which has, in turn, increased my translation productivity. Hurray!
P.S. I hope you have also all been enjoying my posts of Facebook and Twitter. Please feel free to share any suggestions you may have.