Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Are you ready to boost your career with eCPD?

New Term at eCPD

Did you attend our "Kick-Off" event on 2nd September? Don't worry if you couldn't make it. You can download the slides here.skills
Lucy Brooks, Managing Director of eCPD, outlined the exciting programme of events already arranged for the 2014 -15 autumn and winter season, and mentioned others in the pipeline.

She also explained some money-saving options for translators and interpreters wishing to hone their skills, knowledge and expertise in their profession.
eCPD will be represented at a number of forthcoming conferences and language events and Lucy Brooks will be presenting workshops at two of these. Full details are on the slides.

During the webinar Lucy asked people what they thought about seminars and courses by webinar. After four years (and eCPD celebrates its birthday this week), and with so many copy-cats on the scene, she wants to make eCPD webinars more interactive with a lot of participation from the audience. This could be enhanced use of question times, polls, suggestions during workshops, and also with the aid of cameras before a webinar begins. In fact most people did not agree with Lucy that webinars had become rather impersonal, but nevertheless, eCPD is trying very hard to introduce more ways of interacting with attendees to improve the already high quality of the training it provides.

Continuing professional development is vital for all professionals in the language industry. Without it we stand still and never develop. The world never stands still. Nor should we.

Here are just a few of this season's events. There really is something for everyone here!

The Price is Right on 9th September.
Next Level Business Bootcamp for established translators. 3 parts, starting Monday 8th September.
IntelliWebSearch course starting on 6 October.
Going Freelance, NervousShort course on 8 and 15 October for new freelance translators
Ironing Out MemoQ course starting on 9 October.
The Perils of Translating International Contracts on 16 October with the acknowledged expert in the field.

For the rest of the programme, click here.

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