Friday, 25 May 2012

Multi-lingual living

Before I proceed with further ideas for obtaining high quality but low-cost CPD I thought I’d run a very short survey.

I make no bones about the fact that it’s difficult for me to keep up my source language skills. I live in a mono-lingual household – my fault, despite living in various countries in my youth, I opted for an Englishman whose only word in Spanish is “naranja” and that is unrecognisable when he pronounces it.

Also, because of my husband’s sight impairment, I find it very difficult to travel to events that require an overnight stay. It means that, sadly, events such as the ATA conference in San Diego are out for me.  
If you have a moment, please answer the 3 simple questions: it really won’t take long). Click the link in the first paragraph or just above. I shall report on the results in a few weeks.

In a way, it is because of my personal circumstances that I took such joy in starting up eCPDWebinars in April 2010. I feel that there must be many translators like me who find it hard to attend courses, lectures and seminars, perhaps because they live a long way from metropolitan areas, or have relatives to care for. Webinars are ideal for busy people too. No travel, no hassle. Just an hour or so at your PC.

In England (the south at least) we are experiencing a heat-wave. This is a bit of a shock because last week it was cold, wet and windy. In the UK we have to enjoy such weather while we can!


  1. Hello Lucy,
    This post really struck a chord, although for different reasons to yours. I am very committed to developing my translation business, but I'm just not willing to leave my 4-year-old in the evenings, at the weekend or overnight for business purposes. (He's at school 8.30-4.30 5 days a week as it is.) We live in the sticks, which makes Webinars really ideal - please do keep them coming!

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yes, whether you care for someone old or someone young, the effect is the same. And distance is always a big problem. We are doing some language workshops later this year. I hope you will like them. (FR, GER and SP in both directions to start with, other languages maybe later.)

  2. Hi Lucy,

    I think eCPD webinars is the best thing since sliced bread. As an in-house translator, I have neither the time nor the money to travel down to translation CPD sessions in London that offer little value for money. Your webinars, however, are perfect and I look forward to the 5 hours of legal translation webinars in June and July!

    I wish you continued success and all the best!