Friday, 20 December 2013

‘Tis the season to be... stressed about presents Gift ideas for translators and interpreters Part II

Jessie Doppler has written part II of her blog post...
We hope Part I of our ‘Gift ideas for translators and interpreters’ has served as some inspiration. Should you still need a few more ideas, here are a few more pointers:

1)     Website domain
Having your own website domain is a great way to make your business visible. It can often seem overwhelming when you start out as a freelancer: setting up/registering your business, finding clients, accounting, marketing, networking, responding to emails, doing the actual translation/interpreting work, and the list goes on, and on, and on, and...
So, registering a domain can sometimes be put on the back burner. After all, you first need to earn money to buy a domain and possibly get a website designed, right? Buying a domain is actually not THAT pricey or as complicated as some may think and it would make a great present for a budding translator or interpreter you may know.

2)     Moleskin notebooks
You’re probably wondering if people actually still use notebooks now that everyone has a smart phone, tablet of some kind, laptop, etc. But, I think you will find that most translators and interpreters can put these to good use. Check them out!

3)     Business cards, stickers, labels postcards has many great things to offer. We’re pretty sure most translators and interpreters wouldn’t mind some stickers of their logo printed.

4)     Office equipment / software and keeping warm
We know, we know! This is not the most exciting gift category. But let’s face it, these are little things that could make any translator’s life easier and warmer. If you believe in Father Christmas, these could even make great stocking fillers.

Flex clip copyholder or document holders (these can be handy for translators who prefer to translate from a hard copy or when printing PDF documents, etc.)
Fingerless gloves (they should be warm yet not too thick, otherwise typing might pose a problem. You can find these in all shapes, sizes and colours)
Dragon naturally speaking (speech recognition software)
Free Agent (accounting software) OR Translation Office 3000

5)     CPD

You didn’t really think our list would be complete without some CPD, did you? Why not take advantage of our 20% discount on past webinars? Get the discount code here and check out our archive of available webinars (we have recently updated it: take a look).

6)      We’re running out of ideas now if all else fails, how about a cat or two? And we’re not talking about the ones you can install on a computer to assist translation work (but remember, pets are not just for Christmas). If your translator or interpreter friend is not an animal lover or looking for the extra commitment, keep it simple and get a bottle of something festive (that should go down a treat after a busy year).


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