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‘Tis the season to be... stressed about presents: gift ideas for translators and interpreters Part I

‘Tis the season to be... stressed about presents: gift ideas for translators and interpreters Part I

Thanks to Jessie Doppler for today's blog post!

Have you been working what feels like 25 hours a day in the run-up to the holidays and now can’t believe it is already the week before Christmas? Have your friends, loved ones or even colleagues been following your every move since October, in the hope of picking up on the slightest hint you may give to what gift you would like? We know the feeling. Why not leave your computer or tablet open on this webpage or print it out (and subtly leave it lying around, of course) to give them some pointers.

Dear friends, family, colleagues and pets: if you are still struggling to find the ideal present for a translator you may know, whether your partner, friend or a colleague, we hope this little list will serve as some inspiration. It has been compiled just for you:

1) Coffee / tea time

Oh, this has to be every translator’s or interpreter’s favourite time of the day.
  • Coffee machines are an extremely useful gift.
  • They come in all shapes and sizes so the colour, size and brand will depend on how generous you are feeling, of course. But be sure, your translator friend will be very grateful. 
  • Design your own mug: why not have the translator’s logo printed on a mug? OR get some  Pantone mugs, OR a Penguin mug?

 2) Relaxation, posture and massage devices:

Bad back? Bad circulation? Too many hours in front of the computer?
  • Cat's paw: this is a great little device to exercise your hands. If you are suffering from strained overworked hands, carpal tunnel or want to release tension in your wrist, this is the perfect device for you. 
  • Spiky massage ball: this helps to improve your circulation, eases tension and provides relaxation of the body. Or, how about this one: Gymnic activ massage roller 
  • How about a massage session? I don’t know many people who wouldn’t enjoy this. What a great way to end 2013 and start 2014 a little more relaxed.
  • Posture correction support brace: I can see that this is not the most fun, personal or even exciting gift. But sometimes it is also nice to be given those little useful things we don’t want to spend money on ourselves.
 3) Headphones / headset

  • A selection of headsets or headphones, again, these come in all shapes and sizes. And the sound quality may vary too.

4) Name a star

  • Name a star: what a gift! You could either let the translator / interpreter register the name, or you could choose one yourself (how about their company name?). This particular gift set comes with a registration pack and a star locator map. But we’re there are many others out there to choose from.



We know books are such a cliché, BUT, let’s be honest: who doesn’t enjoy a good book?

Let’s not forget it is a festive season and there should be some room for fun books too:

  • Schottenfreude: German words for the human condition by Ben Schott. As ‘The Spectator‘ puts it: a homage to German's capacity for word-confection . . . it bring[s] the peculiar delight of German to its author's numerous fans.
  • This would make a great present for a German translator.
  • A pis of cak: children at their most seriously funny by Peter A. Jeffcock. Maia, our Director of Customer Relations, says she would definitely recommend this book if you enjoy a good laugh. She has never read anything as hilarious and reckons it is the perfect gift for any linguist. I’ve already put it on my personal Christmas gift list too.
  • The meaning of liff: the original dictionary of things there should be words for by John Lloyd and Douglas Adams. I was given this book a while back and every time I open it, I have a good laugh. It is one of those you can just pick up, open on any page, read one or two sentences and put down again. Perfect for a short break from those tricky translations.

 6) Adopt an animal

  • This is a great gift for animal lovers. The list of animals you could adopt is endless. Here are some suggestions with links (Lucy has adopted Millie at Sidmouth, shown in the picture on the right.)

Stay tuned for Part II.

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